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We have a wide range of realistic sex dolls for sale! Just like real life, our realistic sex dolls are truly diverse and at Next Level Loves we offer dolls to satisfy every sexual fantasy. When you’re shopping for a life size sex doll, don’t settle for cheap imitator brands we are an official reseller of all the top manufacturers, so you know you’re in safe hands. Our clients are of the utmost importance, and we’re always readily available via email to answer general enquirers, custom questions or to hear feedback on dolls you would like to see stocked.

All our love dolls come with free shipping in discreet packaging and no tariff costs; our team handles everything for you! All that is left to do is choose your perfect Female Sex Doll or Male Sex Doll companion.

If you have any feedback in relation to the male dolls we offer or you would like to see a style added to the collection, please feel free to contact us!

Types Of Dolls

We stock all major manufacturers including but not limited to; WM, YL,6YE, HR, SINO, Future Doll, Irontech, and GYNOID.

At Next Level Loves we understand that our clients seek the best sex dolls but are also looking for something different, therefore we stock a wide range of the most realistic sex doll, from different ethnic backgrounds, different body types, we even stock are a range of fantasy sex dolls that look like celebrities, elves, and anime.  

If none of these Sex Doll categories are what you’re looking for, why not browse our entire range of sexy, high-quality silicone and TPE female sex dolls or male sex dolls for women. Next Level Loves looks forward to finding your ideal companion!

Piper Doll Miyuki - Silicone Sex Doll
Female Sex Dolls
Jonathan - Male Sex Doll
Male Sex Dolls
Nagashima Sawako-Silicone Sex Doll
Silicone Sex Dolls
Tillee-Torso Sex Doll
Torso & Body Parts
Irontech Custom 163 cm
Sex Dolls By Brand

What are realistic sex dolls?

A sex doll often referred to as a love doll or a companion doll, is a life size doll that is made from TPE or silicone. All dolls are anatomically correct sex toys, including the vagina, anus, penis & mouth, and are designed to look and feel like the real thing!

The best thing about sex dolls is that they can be customized to fulfill your idea of a dream partner. Whether you prefer full-figured lovelies or smaller athletic-looking partners, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for in sex dolls.

There are even options to include full body heating and 4 place voice sensors. 

Best Quality Dolls
Quality Best Sex Dolls
Worldwide Shipping
Worldwide Shipping
Best Offers
Best Offers
Secure Payments
Secure Payments

What to Look for in a Real Life Sex Doll?

Every sex doll enthusiast is different! That is why we stock amazing selections of the best sex dolls for sale to suit everyone. However, there are key things to look for in a sex doll supplier and the dolls themselves.

  • TPE materials and metal skeletons, TPE is our material of choice and gives a realistic and durable finish. We do offer silicone as well and are selective about manufacturers.
  • Genuine Brands WM, YL, 6YE, HR, SINO, Future Doll, Irontech to name a few. Never purchase counterfeit.
  • Images that showcase the quality of the dolls
  • Height and Weight – All dolls are different but ensure you check the height and weight of your doll before purchasing this will be important and individual to you
  • Ensure the supplier does not stock too many dolls as this may jeopardize quality control
  • FREE SHIPPING, this is vital as shipping can change the dolls cost dramatically and ensure the company handles the tariffs for you as well and Next Level Loves to do this and give a streamlined transparent pricing model

What Can You Do With A Sex Doll?

Sex dolls are designed to satisfy the sexual urges and desires of their users!

Each doll comes with an anatomically correct vagina, anus, penis, breasts & mouth, which allows the user to engage in many sexual activities with their doll. There are even additional add-ons that give the sex dolls heating features, movement, moaning, and chatting features that make it even more life-like – A real life sex doll.

Sometimes, people get sex dolls for a deeper reason than purely for sex, it’s about companionship! In the modern and fast-paced world, it is becoming harder and harder to create and nurture loving relationships and so, realistic sex dolls offer an alternative!

But more often, it’s for individuals that want to explore a fantasy or fetish! Do you have a thing for big bounce breasts? No worries, we have a Big Boob Sex Dolls! Do you get turned on by large Amazonian women? Look no further than our range of Tall Sex DollsOr if it’s Japanese ladies that get you all hot & heavy, then have a look at our Asian Sex Dolls.

Whatever you want to do with a life size sex doll, you can, they are ready, willing, and able!

TPE Sex Dolls – The Ideal Material

TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer, TPE is a relatively new material and is known for its elasticity and soft feel.

It is essentially a cross product of plastic and rubber, meaning it can hold shape but does give a great deal more flexibility than the Silicone predecessor. This means a much more malleable partner for you. When adding TPE over the amazing metal skeletons available creates life-like flexibility.

A TPE sex doll also feels more like a natural body, with a real bounce factor and a soft touch finish it is a far superior feel than silicone. Silicone tends to be harder to touch and feels more fake.

TPE does have a small drawback, as the material is porous it can stain meaning upkeep is essential and this may seem like a concern but if you care for the sex doll companion and maintain doll care this shouldn’t be an issue.


  • More Realistic
  • Flexible Material
  • Soft and bouncy feel like real skin
  • Long-lasting and durable
I bought my second doll through Next Level Loves, amazing service , could not thank them enough!
Thumbs Up On Positive Sex Doll Review
Amazing Doll -I got the Ruby doll for my husbands birthday. I think I enjoy her more.
Thumbs Up On Positive Sex Doll Review
Good Service, just got my second from these guys this year. Got me through COVID.
Thumbs Up On Positive Sex Doll Review
Mike T

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