6 Things to Do to Spice Up Your Marriage

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It can be hard to get things going in the bedroom if you’ve been together for a while and may even seem like your partner is no longer interested in sex – which could be because of their hectic schedule, or they just don’t want to have the same kind of sex they did when they were younger. In today’s blog, we thought we’d take a look at things to do to spice up your marriage, helping you to reconnect that passion you had when you first met.

Things to do to spice up your marriage

Spice up marriage tip #1: Wear some sexy lingerie

The bedroom can be a place for spontaneity, or it can become the most boring part of your relationship. If you want to spice up your sex life, some quick fixes will make things interesting again. For example, if you’re tired of wearing the same old thing in bed every night or feel like he’s not paying attention to what you wear anymore, then get out and buy something sexy! Or if you’re the man in the relationship, why not treat your wife with a gorgeous lingerie set?

Spice up marriage tip #2: Watch porn together

Humans are visual creatures, which is why porn can be an incredibly useful tool to get the motor running again. Not only will finding the right video be a fun activity but you can also get an idea of the sort of things your partner likes doing – and sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration!

Spice up sexless relationship #3: Don't wait until you're in the mood for sex

When you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s easy to let the spontaneity of sex go without taking any action. It takes time and effort to get through the barriers that come up when you’re not feeling like yourself. But once you start going at it, chances are your mood will change, and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying yourself.

Spice up sexless relationship #4: Switch things up

A lot of people think that sex is just one thing. It’s not. Sex can be different every time you do it, and the more variety there is, the better! One way to make your sex life exciting again, is to try something new. Get creative with what you’re doing in bed by trying a new position or location, changing up some music or lighting, or experimenting with a time of day when you might not usually have intercourse. The point is to have fun trying!


Things to do to spice up your marriage #5: See a counsellor

A relationship is a delicate balancing act. Many different factors contribute to the success of your partnership. If you find yourself feeling like things have gotten stale, don’t be afraid to get help! Couples may choose sex therapy for several reasons, such as losing the romantic spark or not having the same sex drive. Seeing a counsellor can help couples work through these issues or help them come to a compromise.

Things to do to spice up your marriage #6: Have a threesome…with a sex doll!!!

Ask any guy, and threesomes are no doubt one of the most common sexual fantasies. But for many women, the idea of sharing a partner isn’t always ideal. This is where a fantasy sex doll can offer the perfect solution – you can get a similar experience without the feelings involved. A life size sex doll can help to keep a sex life exciting by changing things up a bit. 



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