Adult Dolls for Women: Why Women Are Choosing Sex Dolls

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When it comes to companionship there is often a misconception, and it’s that women need an emotional connection to be able to have sexual relationships. This isn’t always the case. One of the most overlooked markets in the sex-tech industry is women and male sex dolls. Why is this? Because a vast majority of sex products are produced by men, for men. However, evidence shows that there is a large interest in adult dolls for women.

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Why Women Are Choosing Sex Dolls

In the last 12 months or so, male sex dolls have become equally as popular as female sex dolls with a lot of women describing them and their ‘members’ as indistinguishable from a real one. With a huge thanks to the outcry of interest in adult dolls for women, there are now fully customisable male sex dolls on the market, and they’re a hit.

The Benefits of Love Dolls for Women

The reason women choose sex dolls is vastly different from the reasons men do, though, there is a connection when it comes to the simple fact that a lot of people purchase dolls due to loneliness. For women, sex dolls bring a sense of safety. Although women also engage in one-night stands, meeting men is a bit more complex than men meeting women.

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The Safety Factor

As women, we all know that going out at night, or going out alone in general, can be anxiety-inducing and meeting a man can feel exactly the same. A lot of the time, these situations are a gamble, and we have to trust in our instincts. When it comes to male sex dolls, women don’t have to worry about the ‘what if’ of their sexual encounter or if something could potentially go wrong. Being with a male sex doll means you are in charge of the situation and can feel totally comfortable from the get-go.

Total Protection

The best part about engaging with a male sex doll is that women don’t need to worry about protection. A lot of people who have experienced intercourse with male sex dolls say that they look and feel just like the real deal, and what better way to engage in coitus than without protection and the fear of future hiccups? Typically, male love dolls come with the feature of a flaccid or erectile ‘member’, which only adds to the indistinguishable feeling but helps women feel as if they are engaging in real sex.

Customisable Companion

Another one of the greatest aspects about a male sex doll, and similarly to female dolls as well, is just how customizable they have become. From the freckles on their fingers, the placement of their eyelashes and the colour of their eyes, all the way down to the genitalia, you can amend your male sex doll to look exactly how you want, wherever you want, making him completely unique and personal to your choice.

Freedom & Control

Last but most certainly not least, the freedom and control that comes with adult dolls for women are unmatched, in a peculiar way. One of the greatest aspects of owning a sex doll is the fact people can experiment with positions, toys, and equipment that they otherwise probably couldn’t, simply due to the fact that not everyone is into the same thing. When it comes to women and sex, it is widely assumed that they are the most submissive, however, with the use of a male sex doll, women can now take as much control as they want during their intimate moments, along with trialing and experimenting with toys and positions with ultimate freedom of flexibility.

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