AI Dolls – A Distant Future or Sooner Than We Think?

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How soon are we from lifelike AI dolls? 

The concept of sex robots has long been discussed, such as the fembots in Austin Powers, who prefer bullets over boobs, the brothel robots of Westworld, and the gorgeous but deadly robot companion from Ex Machina. 

And though this has always been a fantasy, technology is rapidly catching up to the idea of AI dolls to the point where it’s now becoming more of a ‘when’ than an ‘if.’ 

Sex dolls have largely just been old-fashioned, compromising of human-like features and soft silicone material, but unable to react or display the range of emotions you’d expect from a partner. These dolls are a far cry from the blow-up dolls most people envision when the term ‘sex doll’ is spoken, but still not at the level seen in movies…yet. 

When it comes to crafting the ultimate AI sex robot, there are a lot of moving parts that need to come together – including the ability to craft a physical appearance (which can venture into ‘uncanny valley’ if the doll looks a little too human), mastering advanced animatronics and combining it with an AI that’s intelligent enough to hold a conversation.  

One such company that is getting close to landing that trifecta is Abyss Creations, a California sex doll manufacturing company that’s created a line of AI dolls that can speak and have identifiable reactions. 

Speaking about the ‘RealDoll’ range, founder and CEO Matt McMullen has said that there are multiple components involved with creating a believable bot and that it’s not a case of simply creating a doll and throwing in moving parts. This is why the company paired with software developed by Realbotix to craft a robot that can interact with a user and experience a simulated orgasm. All of which can be done through a smartphone app and smart senses placed in pivotal points on the robot’s body, which prompt the robot to react audibly and with physical expressions.  This technology is slowly changing the industry however it has a long way to go. The team at Next Level Loves will not be offering a robotic option until it has been perfected. We value end customer experience and only stock what we can guarantee in terms of quality. 

Of course, this kind of technology doesn’t come cheap, with Australian AI sex robot enthusiasts expecting to pay up to $15,000 or more for the privilege. These advanced robots could discuss ethics, religion, psychology, and more – if you don’t mind the sound of electronics every time the mouth moves. 

Despite these shortcomings, the technology used in RealDoll is advancing exponentially and setting the foundation for other competing AI sex robot companies to do the same. Estimates of the timeline a hyper-realistic ai doll would come on the market are uncertain at this point in time. However, at the rate AI is advancing, it wouldn’t be unrealistic to expect some ground-breaking design within the next ten to fifteen years – though it’s unlikely to be affordable to the common use for some time. 

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