Avoiding Counterfeit Sex Dolls

Purchasing your first sex doll should be an exciting and safe journey, unfortunately not all vendors work with the same level of Honesty and Authenticity that we offer at Next Level Loves.

The Sex Doll industry is a complicated one, with many buyers getting tricked by counterfeit manufacturers and scams. The good news is there are warning signs you can look for as a future Sex Doll owner. These warning signs or red flags will help you avoid terrible and costly experiences and Next Level Loves are happy to share the information with you.

You might be wondering why are counterfeits so bad?

Many of these fake imitation sex dolls can be dangerous with poor quality materials that will harm the user through chemical contact or damaging sharp materials, such as metal skeletons poking through the TPE material, poorly made vaginal sections or bad chemical blends. We have heard plenty of horror stories and do not want anyone else getting hurt. Even more shocking is the number of SCAMS out there, these companies steal your money and never send anything leaving you with a very costly lesson.  


Below are the 5 Key Red Flags

If it looks too good to be true then it is, this old saying rings true when purchasing a Sex Doll. Meaning if you stumble across a Sex Doll Vendor who claims to be offering a genuine doll with heavy discounting then it will be fake. If you see 30% off leave the site, you will receive a poor imitation or nothing at all! Genuine Resellers are governed by minimum pricing guidelines given by manufacturers and small margins making these so called “deals” impossible.

Avoid E Bay, Amazon and Aliexpress these sights are littered with above mentioned scams and you do not have to search hard to find some horror stories. These sites do not have a high level of quality control and become easy targets for scammers.

Avoid websites that do not mention brand name, any website offering unbranded dolls will be counterfeit or replica at best. These sights will often use the genuine manufacturer images that they have stolen. They use it to lure you in and then give you an unbranded replica often of poor harmful quality. You will notice they use the genuine imagery but never mention brand on website or doll description.

Strange options, the biggest one is differing Doll sizes for example a vendor offering a doll in 108cm-140cm-157cm. This is an option Genuine Vendors do not offer as manufacturers do not operate in this manner.

Customer service, if you have doubts about the vendor contact them directly. Ask questions around the product to see their level of knowledge. You can also check with the manufacturers direct to ensure the vendor is an authorized reseller. Some manufacturers such as WM offer codes upon purchase so you can fake check your doll.

We Can Help

Next Level Loves only sell genuine Sex Dolls such as WM Dolls , 6YE Dolls, SINO , HR Dolls and Irontech. We are an authorised reseller and always happy to answer questions. Feel free to contact us on admin@nextlevelloves.com.

Whilst this information is important do not let it scare you. Sex Dolls are incredible and if you buy a genuine manufacturer product you will not regret it.

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