Best Kama Sutra Positions for Sex Dolls

When it comes to pleasuring your partner, there is no one size fits all solution – what works for one person may not work for another. This is especially true when it comes to sex dolls, as each doll has its own unique physiology. However, there are some tried and tested Kama Sutra positions that are sure to please any individual and create a sensual, exquisite time between yourself and your love doll. If you’ve been looking for the best Kama Sutra positions for sex dolls that will have you diving deep into your spiritual sexual senses, we’ve got you covered.

This blog is dedicated to Kama Sutra positions to try with your sex doll, from the origins of the famous guide itself, positions to try with your doll, and how these activities can enrich your sex life whether you’re performing them with your partner and a doll, or your doll alone.

Kama Sutra Positions for Sex Dolls

What is Kama Sutra?

Kama Sutra is a famous sexual manual that is said to have been written in ancient India around 400BC. The word Kama Sutra itself translates to ‘a treatise on pleasure’, and it’s focus is solely on a spiritual practice that encourages individuals to get creative when it comes to pleasure. This guide offers over 100 out-of-the-box positions including graphic instructions on how you’re able to perform them.

The Kama Sutra guide is the most comprehensive sexual manual in history, and for good reason. If you’re into trying completely new sex positions with your partner/s and sex dolls all the time, it’s the perfect way to get creative.

Kama Sutra Positions to Try

The Curled Angel

The curled angel is a great position for you and your love doll thanks to the ease of position and accessibility. Much like spooning, your doll is to be placed gently on her side, where you can then take her from behind. It’s intimate, gentle (or rough, if that’s how you like it), and something that’s always just ‘right’.

G-Whiz Position

This position is especially great for those who don’t like experimenting with overly flexible positions. Your doll will rest on their back, with the lower half resting against your thighs (much like the Blossoming position, only her legs would be falling either side of your body) and her legs over your shoulders (while you’re essentially leaning on your own legs on the bed). With minimal full body movement, it’s something we know you’ll enjoy.

Queen of Heaven

Named after a queen, the wife if Indra, this position is known for being quite literally sensational. Position your love doll on her back with her knees tucked towards her chest and scoot yourself closer with your thighs either side. Not only is this an easy position for yourself, but it offers you a little more movement and control thanks to the way your doll is laying.

The Padlock

Known for being one of the most sensual positions, this one requires a hard surface such as a dining room table, a kitchen counter, or something of the like. Here, you’ll be standing in an upright position while your doll sits at the edge of the table. Position her legs securely around your waist, with her feet locking behind you. This specific position is perfect for those who prefer more intimacy and closeness, as you’re essentially forced together, while providing perfect opportunities for love bites, kissing, nibbling, and the like.

Consider Modern Tantra

If you’re interested in diving even deeper into the spiritual realm of sexual activities and Kama Sutra positions to try, modern Tantra is a whole new world that you’re going to love. Born from ancient Indian teachings as well, Modern Tantra touches on the psychology and sexology of the modern world.

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