The Best Sex Doll Positions

We all know that sex is fun, but sex with a sex doll can be even better. Thanks to the flexibility, you can have your love doll in any position you want, and any position a human partner wouldn’t be comfortable in. If you’re tired of the same old position or struggling to keep things exciting, venturing into the oh-so-generous world of sex doll positions could change the game completely.

We’ve collated a list of some of the hottest positions to try with your sex doll that’ll make time in the bedroom (or wherever you are) completely mind-blowing.

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Best Sex Doll Positions

Before you get started exploring these positions, there are a couple of housekeeping tips and pointers to take into account. Nobody wants to have sex with a cold doll, so about 20 minutes before you engage in any activity with your love doll, wrap her up in a blanket, or even an electric blanket (with supervision), to create some warmth.

Our pro-tip is to remember that her joins can be fragile, so make sure you aren’t adding any excessive weight or force to her body in specific positions, we know the last thing you want is a damaged doll and blue balls. Now, let’s get into these positions!

Scissor Missionary

Starting strong, scissor missionary is a great way to turn the basic missionary position into something more invigorating. Not only does this position create an entirely new sensation, but it allows for deeper penetration and an ultra-great orgasm. This position isn’t difficult at all, simply hike yourself over one of the doll’s legs (making sure you’re sitting on your knees with your thighs apart) and hook her exposed leg around the side of your waist. The only thing to look out for in this position is making sure you aren’t adding too much weight to the leg that is beneath you.

The Cradle

If you’re really into affection during sex, this position is right down your alley. As one of the most intimate positions in the book, The Cradle doesn’t take a lot to execute. Simply tuck your legs beneath your sex doll’s thighs and have her legs wrap around your waist – ensuring you are both in the ‘sitting’ position at all times. Help your love doll scoot forwards towards your waist until you can enter her. From there, you can slowly start to move together at a slow and sensual rhythm.

Bent Over

Not only is this position popular between couples, but it’s even better when engaging with your love doll. The greatest thing about this position is that it can be done almost anywhere in the house (and even outside). Over the kitchen counter, the couch, a chair, the bed, or the kinkiest possible place you can think of, this position is doable. The setup is quite basic, you just need to bend your doll in an inviting and comfortable position over the area of your choice, ensure her face is resting against the surface (and her arms are propped in front as well) and then she’s ready for the taking. Whether you’re into vaginal penetration or even anal, this position allows access to both.

Risako Bent Over | Featured image for best sex doll positions blog.


For more intimate sex doll positions, we offer you the ‘spooning’ position. Sensual and with the added bonus of body heat, this position is extremely convenient for doll’s that may be a little heavier. If you’re after something slower, and that gradually builds your climax, this position will do just that. Giving you the benefit of laying on the bed, place your love doll on her side and bend her legs into a 45-degree angle to balance her body. Then, all you need to do is raise her leg (just a little) and penetrate any opening of your desire.


And a classic, truly one of the best sex doll positions. We all know why this position is a popular one. Not only is the stimulation incredible, but the penetration is unmatched, not to mention, it’s just totally hot. Kneel your doll on the surface of the bed and bend her over so she’s in a downward position. From there, position her arms in front of her body so that there’s some support for her own weight, then open her legs, only a little, for added balance. This position means you can go as hard or as slow as you like, from any entrance you desire.

Future Doll F26 - laying down |Featured image for best sex doll positions blog.

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