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Can You Legally Marry a Sex Doll?

In most states and countries, you will only be able to legally marry another human being – however, if you’re able to find someone who is willing to officiate the wedding, you can get away with it, though there will not be any legal recognition by the state. The question that so many people ask; can you legally marry a sex doll in any state or country in the world?

For those in the community that are looking for the best possible way to undertake a ceremony to their beloved companion, we’ve got you covered. In this blog, we discuss the long standing debate on marrying a sex doll, and how exactly it can be done in a way that is legally recognisable.

Where Can You Legally Marry a Sex Doll?

Knowing where you can legally marry your love doll is going to be tricky, because you need to be aware of all the marriage laws in each different country. For example:


In Kazakhstan, it is perfectly legal to marry a sex doll, and that is exactly what Instagram influencer Yuri Tolochko did – how?  Because under the local law, the only requirements in place include both partners be consenting adults, over the age of 18, and both male and female.

United States of America

In America, you are able to hold a ceremony to recognise the marriage between yourself and your love doll. However, this doesn’t mean it is legally binding, and your doll will not share the same rights as a human being. Every state is going to have its own ruling, with requirements being so subjective depending non where you are. Some requirements for marriage to a love doll include being at least 18 and/or having lived together for a certain period of time.

China & Japan

In both China and Japan, marrying a sex doll is becoming a common and widely recognised activity. In China, the government has now given its blessing to the very concept of undergoing a marriage with a love doll, giving people the opportunity to hold a ceremony and registering the wedding with the police or alternative government bodies. In Japan, individuals have the benefit of registering their doll as a companion at some local authorities (though not all). The ceremony generally will look like any other wedding ceremony—the only difference being that it takes place indoors instead of outdoors and that the new spouse is not human!


In Australia, there are a list of minimum legal requirements you need to meet in order to be able to marry – though extra research into whether this applies to humans or objects such as sex dolls is needed. To get married in Australia you need to not be married to someone else, ensure you’re not marrying a relative (parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister including adoption), be at least 18 years old (unless a court has approved otherwise), be freely consenting to the marriage, and giving your celebrant written notice of your intention to marry.

Can you legally marry a sex doll in Australia? Here, there are stories of locals who have found themselves in committed relationships with love dolls, but no evidence of them getting married and having the marriage legally recognised by government agencies. Regardless of where you’re wanting to marry a sex doll, it’s imperative to undertake some thorough research, call around, and ensure you’re taking the right steps to tie the knot with your preferred companion.

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