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Custom Love Doll – How Much Can You Customise Your Love Doll?

It’s no secret that we have preferences when it comes to the physical being of another person – and that’s completely okay. The best thing about our sex dolls is their ability to be customised purely to suit your needs and your requirements. The opportunity for customisations has come such a long way – from hair colours, lengths, and textures, to eyes, fingernails, and even simulated breathing.

A custom love doll is going to be a major part of your sexual lifestyle, which is why it’s recommended you take the time and invest more in making them specific to what you’re looking for.

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Creating a Custom Love Doll

Advances in technology has made the customisation opportunities quite endless, with basically all areas of the body having an alternative to suit the buyers’ specifications.

Eye Choices

Love dolls offer the opportunity to swap out the generic eye colour for something more preferable. From blue and brown to purple and anime gold, the choices are vast and subject to personal choice!

Hair Colour/Styles

Depending on where you’re ordering your sex doll, the choice for hair is going to differ. At Next Level Loves, we like to offer as many options as possible to ensure you’re able to fully customise your doll. Whether you prefer blonds or brunettes, there are several options, but from there, you also have the ability to make a choice between short, mid, or long hair.

Mouth Options

From mouth options to the choice between glossy or matte lips, these solutions generally point to catering more so to oral activities. Depending on the avenue you want to take, you can choose between an opened mouth love doll, or one who’s lips are pursed or pouty.

Skin Tone

Diversity is a number one factor for a custom love doll, especially at Next Level Loves where our skin tone choices range from white and medium tan to cocoa and black (and everything in between). It doesn’t stop there though, aside from our skin tone choices, you also have the opportunity to customise your doll to look like your favourite fantasy character.

Areola Colour/Size

Choose between flesh-coloured areolas, pink, light brown or dark brown along with a variety of sizes to suit your personal preference. It may seem like a small change, but at NLL, we know how deep a person’s choice for detail can be.

Simulated Breathing

Something you may not have considered – the best way to increase the intimacy between yourself and your new doll is through the addon of simulated breathing. This is created through an implanted device within the chest of your doll, allowing it to rise and fall and imitate the sensation/look of breathing.

At Next Level Loves, we do whatever we can to ensure our customers have complete creative freedom with their dolls. Personal preference when it comes to your sexual partner isn’t uncommon – and with our vast range of addons, we’re confident you’ll find or be able to create the companion of your dreams.

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