Sex Doll Add Ons

Next Level Loves team are dedicated to ensuring your sex dolls have full functionality and match our clients desires. Every Manufacturer gives differing Additional Doll elements.  Below are some of the core Add On’s you should be aware before purchasing a new love doll companion. This can range from simple Additions like the choice of eye color, pubic hair, standing feet and breast style to more advanced elements such as touch sensors for moaning and full body heating.
Eyes Color Options

Eye Colour

Next Level loves always recommend selecting your preferred eye color from our manufacturers, each doll comes with  a full selection. Eye color is an easy way to complete your dolls look.

Foot Options

All Sex Dolls come with the choice of Standing Feet or Standard Feet. This is true for all of our quality manufacturers. 

Standard feet – The Standard feet look fantastic with no visible bolts, however they do not give the same reinforcement as Standing Feet, you cannot store your doll vertically with this option and it does limit some positions where pressure is on the feet. Great option for Foot Lovers who do not mind the limitations.

Standing Feet – Standing Feet are the preferred option they give the owner the ability to store the doll standing up with care. Standing Feet come with a reinforced plate and three visible bolts. As such they are not a great option for foot lovers.

Sex Doll Foot Options
Sex doll pubic hair choices | Featured image for the Sex Doll Pubic Hair Choices Blog by Next Level Loves.

Pubic Hair

Next Level Loves offer a wide array of quality manufacturers including WM Dolls, 6YE Dolls, YL Dolls and SINO. All have their own range of pubic hair options this is another easy way to add a personal touch to your doll. 

Sex Doll Heating

Sex Doll Enthusiast will tell you one of the hardest parts is recreating the feel of a real vagina. Heat being the primary problem. The Sex Doll internal heating does help with this. Most of our manufacturers offer this option however it is not perfect and is known to be only a small aid. 

Heating Function
Doll Sound System

Sex Doll Voice

Here at Next Level Loves we are proud to offer the option of a unique voice element to our clients.  

Most manufacturers do offer this component, it usually consists of touch sensors that are programmed to create a moaning noise. This does give an added level for the immersive doll enthusiast.  However much like internal heating it is not a perfect option and can be too sensitive.

Penis Attachment 

At Next Level Loves we cater to all sexual interests, in this light we offer a penis attachment so you can make your doll into a shemale. Again each of our manufacturers offer a differing selection however they are all high quality. I would recommend this for couples looking to explore, single straight people curious to other sexual preferences and of course people with an attraction to the shemale body.

We do also offer a fully fitted shemale doll named Shemale Becky!

Penis Add On
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