How To Care For Your Sex Doll

Doll Care is paramount to the longevity of your Sex Doll companion. This page gives some key aids in doll care. Including an instructional video and imagery to help Next Level Loves clients.

Key Tips for Sex Doll Cleaning

  • Clean after use
  • Use a vaginal irrigating tool or detachable shower head to clean dolls entry tubes
  • Be gentle treat the same as you would skin
  • Use pure soap and non harmful antibacterial wash 
  • Use Baby Powder or Cornstarch after washing and oiling your doll
  • Store correctly after use, keep dry and out of harms way

How To Clean Your Sex Doll Video

This video clip shows a great example of how clean your doll at a base level, remembering to take care and only use cleaning products you would put on your own skin

Have More Questions?

All Next Level Loves Dolls come with a cleaning kit, if you have any further questions around the cleaning of your doll please feel free to check our FAQ page or email us directly.

The care of your doll is important to us, we want you to have a long relationship with your chosen beauty!

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