The History of Sex Dolls – Origins, Story & Benefits

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If you’ve ever got to wondering where the idea for a sex doll originated from, you aren’t alone. The origins of the sex doll are an unusual and confusing one, with no one really knowing exactly where the phenomenon started. Though there are a few stories and theories, there’s no definite answer to how they came to be.

Regardless, we’ve put together the most commonly talked about theories of the history of sex dolls, and we’ll let you make of it what you wish. 

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The History of Sex Dolls

In Ancient Times…

It was believed that a sculptor named Pygmalion created an ivory statue that represented his ideology of womanhood. He then fell in love with his own creation, who he would call Galatea. It is also said that the goddess, Venus, brought the statue of Galatea to life in answer to Pygmalion’s prayers and they went on to have a daughter who they named Paphos, the centre of Aphrodite’s worship in Cyprus. Now, Pygmalion and Galatea are the subjects of many great works of art, with a portrait of the two by Jean-Léon Gérôme hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The 17th Century

Although the origin of love dolls is mostly unknown, the earliest apparent recount is credited to Dutch sailors from the 17th century who used cloth to create dolls that could alleviate their sexual tensions. These dolls were known as dame de voyage in French, or dame de viaje in Spanish. Today, the Japanese still refer to these as Dutch Wives which is a clear reference to the cloth and sometimes leather-sewn dolls that were traded by the Dutch sailors.

The Borghild Project

During WWII it was rumoured that Adolf Hitler himself ordered sex dolls to be supplied to the German soldiers along-side the Borghild Project, to combat the spread of syphilis among Nazi troops in Paris. The Borghild Project was a top secret mission that focused on creating dolls that were small enough to fit into a soldier’s backpack but still be useable. After an abundance of tests by troops, 50 of the dolls were ordered only to have the idea quashed around 2 years later after the soldiers became embarrassed about carrying the dolls. This event in history is believed to be the moment that Barbie was inspired.  

Sex Dolls of the Modern World

The history of sex dolls has advanced tremendously over time, and within the last 12 months alone, the industry has experienced a massive surge thanks to the stay-at-home orders that are being implemented on and off around the world. Nowadays, the materials used to develop sex dolls are so much more advanced than what they were at the beginning. No more cloth or leather in sight, just thermoplastic elastomer, rubber, silicone, or other materials that make the dolls look more lifelike.

As technology continues to progress every day, we are seeing more and more developments with the realism of sex dolls all the time. Not only do these dolls relieve sexual tension when one needs it most, but they become an important aspect of people’s lifestyle and bring companionship to those who go without. They decrease levels of stress, allow for more sexual freedom and exploration, and give people the opportunity to experience things they otherwise would not be able to experience with a real partner.

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