How Do You Clean a Sex Doll?

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 When choosing sex dolls, there are two material types you can opt for – silicone and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). Silicone tends to come at a higher price point but is considered more durable than TPE, but TPE is popular for its softer feel and low price point. However, this type of doll requires higher maintenance, as the material is more porous than silicone. To help you take care of your new doll, we’ve put together a silicone and TPE doll maintenance guide on ‘How do you clean a sex doll’, including cleaning and storage tips.

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How to clean a sex doll

Cleaning your doll

Wondering how to wash sex doll? When it comes to the surface of your doll, it’s recommended you should clean the skin around every 2-4 weeks. This can be done using a soft cloth, shower gel and warm water and should be done gently so as not to scuff the skin. Take care around areas such as the eyes and eyelids or the doll’s hair.

The most hygienic, convenient way to keep your doll is by using a condom for the inside of a doll. However, this isn’t preferred by many customers, so regular enemas using a bulb douche can help the inside of your doll to remain clean. You can use water and mild soap to do this and finish off by drying it with a cloth. It’s very important to clean your doll regularly and put the anti-bacterial solution in the crevices, as bacteria can quickly flourish in a warm, moist environment, and cause mold.

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Powder your doll

A very useful tip for new owners of TPE dolls is to keep the doll well-powdered. Sometimes this feels a little bit like a hassle, but it keeps your new doll clean and sanitary. Remember that some powders can be corrosive and damage your doll’s surface, so opt for a fragrance-free baby powder variant with a neutral smell. Powder your doll at least once a month between washing sessions or more often if the doll is used frequently.

Store in a cool place

Cold temperature has little effect on the durability of the silicone used for our dolls, however, you should avoid exposing your doll to extremely hot temperatures. Just as it would be unwise for you to bake in the sun all day, avoid strong sunlight for your doll also. Avoid leaving your doll in a car during summertime or placing it too close to a direct heat source. The above recommendations are necessary precautions that should be applied unless stated otherwise by manufacturer specifications.

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Air dry

Keeping your doll dry is incredibly important for prolonging the lifespan and one of the most important parts of TPE doll maintenance, as bacteria can quickly become trapped in the crevices. Be sure to keep your doll in an open place and air out the crevices to ensure there’s no leftover moisture. Avoid using air dryers, as this can damage TPE material, and keep crevices free from any inserts when not in use.

Want to know more?

We hope our guide on ‘How do you clean a sex doll’ has given you some good tips and tricks. If you’re thinking about purchasing a doll for the first time, you can browse our range of realistic sex dolls online, including TPE and silicone sex dolls. Or if you have any questions about how to wash sex doll, you can email us and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

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