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How to Avoid Sex Doll Scam Websites

With the progression of the digital world never slowing down, scams are becoming more and more prevalent at every corner of the internet. The adult industry is no exception, and here, scams are not hard to fall victim to. When it comes to purchasing a sex doll, it’s important you conduct some thorough research beforehand, not only to find the perfect companion, but to ensure your information, your money, and your dignity is being protected.

Knowing how to avoid sex doll scam websites is imperative – especially when it comes to making your first investment. Here, we provide our very own guide to knowing how to spot a scam site and how to keep yourself safe from a botched buy.

Our Guide: How to Avoid Sex Doll Scam Websites

Low-Quality Photos

If you’ve ever dropped into a website with the intention of making a purchase, but you noticed the images being used to advertise products are low quality – there is a reason behind it. Not only are these images generally free to use or inexpensive to obtain, but it makes it harder for reverse image search platforms to trace the original source of the image. High quality photos can be run through search engines with the original source being found almost instantly, however, the same can not be said for heavily pixelated images. 

Incorrect or Poor Grammar

Another major telltale sign of sex doll scams are sites with bad grammar. Okay, sometimes you might come across some spelling mistakes on general websites – but that only happens on occasion. With websites ‘selling’ sex dolls, bad and incorrect grammar is going to be more prevalent. At the end of the day, ecommerce websites are being used as a digital shopping window, which means professionalism is at the forefront not only for the seller, but even for the manufacturer of the products. If poor grammar is a common theme when you land on a site to browse or purchase your sex doll, there is only one word of advice; run.

Refund & Shipping Policy

This is one of the most important parts of determining whether a website is a scam or not, and where you may come unstuck. Before you ever place an order on a love doll website, check the refund and shipping policy pages – after all, you ARE paying some expensive monies. Although a rare occurrence, damage can happen during shipping, and things can go missing (we know, a lost sex doll – weird thought), which is why you need to know what would happen in the case of damage or a lost product. Will you get a refund? Some sort of compensation? Maybe a replacement?

Limited Payment Options

A major red flag with sex doll scams is limited payment options available on the website. This can happen in the case of ‘sellers’ not wanting payments to be tracked – for instance, cryptocurrency payments or checks. Although it may seem obvious to avoid these regardless, you would be surprised how often people get tangled up in crypto situations. Getting money back can be really difficult, but more so when its through payments that aren’t of general nature. Not only is the communication made difficult with the seller themselves, but then the bank, and the platform which you made the payment through.

No Company Information

Knowing a little information about who you’re buying from is always good for peace of mind. If there is an About Us page that you can read up on, it’s highly recommended – especially when building a bit of a personal connection with a business. If a website doesn’t have something like this, or even any information whatsoever on the Home Page or Contact Page, avoid it. Scam sites don’t want to be known, they don’t want to connect with their buyers, and they don’t want to be remembered. They want to remain as inconspicuous as possible to save their own back should a problem ever arise. If the process seems difficult before even purchasing an item, avoid it at all costs.

Cheap Prices!!

We all love a bargain, this we know to be true. But when it comes to buying your sex doll, cheap prices mean you aren’t actually going to receive what you ordered. Discounts, promotions, sales and so on are of the reputable sellers nature, but incredibly cheap prices for something known to be expensive is a red flag in itself and are common sex doll scams. If something feels too good to be true, 9 times out of 10 it is going to be. It’s no secret that TPE and silicone sex dolls are expensive, so investing your money into something cheaper is only going to put you in an unwanted situation. We all know the age old saying – you get what you pay for.

Purchase Safely with Next Level Loves

If you’ve taken note of how to avoid sex doll scam websites and you’re ready to make an investment long term, shop life size sex dolls with Next Level Loves and receive a product worth it’s price tag. Whether you’re looking for an incredible range of female sex dolls or you’ve been searching for a male sex doll, let us be your first and only choice. If you have any questions or require a little more information on our products, get in touch today and our team will respond as soon as possible!

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