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How to Use a Sex Doll

The world of sexual exploration is a personal and individual journey, and for those who are curious about using a sex doll or have finally made the big buy and want to know where to start, it’s the perfect avenue for exploring your wildest fantasies and unusual kinks. Here, we aim to provide an intriguing guide offering insights, considerations, and tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with your love doll. Remember, open-mindedness is essential when it comes to sex doll tips.

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How to Use a Sex Doll

Sex Doll Prep

Yes, before you jump into bed with your new love doll, there is some preparation that needs to happen to ensure a great time. If your doll is made from TPE or silicone, chances are you’ll find some excess restoration powder on the surface of their skin. Don’t wipe this off completely – as it’s there to ensure its skin is silky smooth. To remove loose powder, take a dry soft cloth, and gently wipe away any noticeable powder from your doll. Now, you can have some fun getting your doll dressed for the occasion, whether it’s cosplay or lingerie – or better yet, nothing at all.

From there, you can escort your doll to your room or space of choice and take some time and extra care to get them posed and perched into the perfect situation. Like we mentioned earlier, this is the moment you get to explore your wildest fantasies – free of judgement, free of worries. It’s all about you and your pleasure.

Set the Mood

When it comes to sex doll tips, setting the mood is imperative. Creating a comfortable, sensual, and invigorating environment is the best way to enjoy this upcoming experience. First things first, lighting. Is it dim? Bright? Maybe you can switch on some red LEDs to really set the vibes. What about music? This is more subjective to the individual, as everyone’s music taste is different. Try to find something that’s really going to get your blood flowing – whether it’s a slow build up or something you can get right into, there’s a tune for every moment. Lastly, foreplay. The world is your oyster, and with your sex doll, the opportunities are endless. Not everyone believes in foreplay, but majority of the time, it’s a great way to get yourself and your companion comfortable and amped up ready to play.

Remember, the key is to create an environment where you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. Cleanliness and hygiene are also paramount, so make sure the area and your doll are adequately sanitised before use.

Getting to Use Your Doll

Okay, you wicked wildcats, this is the moment you have been waiting for. How to use a sex doll in THAT way – let’s get down to business. There are a number of ways you can start with your doll i.e. vaginal sex, anal, oral, and with toys, you need to pick your poison. Sex with your love companion is just as you would imagine it to be. You position your doll the way you want and ride that horse like you’re Ennis and Jack.

Something to keep in mind when it comes to playing with your doll, is using the right lubricants. Not everyone chooses to use lube when getting down and dirty, but if you do, we always recommend investing in water based lube – this is because oil or silicone based lubricants can actually damage your doll and cause staining, which is an unwarranted issue that no one wants to deal with.

Important Aftercare & Cleaning

Now that you’ve had your cake and eaten it too, it’s time to clean up and take care of your love doll. Aftercare is one of the most important parts of sex with your doll and keeps it lasting a long time – which is exactly what we want. The equipment you’re going to need to keep on hand are soft cloths, antibacterial sprays, oil free makeup remover, and mild shampoo (check the ingredients against your dolls material make), along with a gentle bottle brush.

Remember, your most intimate parts are in contact with your doll, so cleanliness and hygiene are crucial. Rinse away any bodily fluids, clean your dolls face, clean their hair (unless there has been no mess, then you won’t need to), and wipe over their skin – gently. Something we cannot stress enough is NEVER to delay a clean, this will be the perfect breeding ground for microbes to reproduce and thus, destroy your doll.

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