Interesting Sex Doll Facts

Sex Dolls have a much more interesting history than you may realize below are our favorite sex dolls facts you’ll love.

Sex Doll Barbie

Barbie was based on a sex doll, In the 1950's the Bild Lilli doll was created using a famous German actress as the muse, whilst this doll did not have holes it was aimed as an erotic use toy for males, this is supposedly an origin of modern barbie.


A Doll enthusiast is labeled an Idollator. Idollators have a passion for Love Dolls, an Idollator is typically part of online forums showing fandom for Sex Dolls and much prefers their companionship to 'real' women. Usually feeling a stronger intimacy to their love doll and less frustration that can come with a traditional partner

A Dutch Wife

In Japan a Sex Doll is sometimes refereed to as a Dutch Wife this is due to old stories of Dutch sailors who would get lonely and fashion women for themselves out at sea. Often out of clothing scraps and mops.

Only For Men? No Way!

Sex Dolls are predominantly male focused, however this is changing with recent studies showing around 10% of doll sales are to females and this number is set to rise. Showing that sex dolls can be for everyone. A companion is something everybody wants.

Sex Doll Brothels

Sex Doll Brothels, yes that is right there are many sex doll brothels appearing worldwide, mostly in Europe and the success of these establishments is ever growing, the Next Level Love team see this contusing well into the future and rivalling the traditional industry. Sex work is one of the globes oldest trades so we are happy to see new tricks for an old industry

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