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Irontech Elf Sex Doll

Irontech are going from strength to strength in 2021. Introducing a new range of full silicone sex dolls, advanced finger skeleton options and now an impressive new edition the first ever Fantasy doll. The team at Next Level Loves could not be more excited. Scarlet the Elf Sex Doll is truly a vision.

This model is just the beginning and marks a ground-breaking start in what we hope will be a full range of Irontech Fantasy Dolls. Standing 166cm tall or 5ft 4 Scarlet is an ideal height. We have found dolls ranging 158-168 to be the most popular.  In terms of body we promise you wont be left wanting. This new model packs curves in all the right places.  We have included a full dimensions list below.

Dimensions of Irontech Elf Sex Doll

  • Height – 166cm
  • Shoulder Width – 40cm
  • Bust – 85cm
  • Under Bust – 66cm
  • Waist – 59cm
  • Hip – 98cm
  • Leg – 77cm
  • Arm – 59cm
  • Thigh Line – 52cm
  • Calf Line – 33cm
  • Palm – 18cm
  • Feet -23cm
  • Weight – 42.8kg

If you are like me and do not want to read through all the above here are the highlights. Scarlet is one busty babe with 85cm across the fullest point of her chest. For the lovers of big butts her 98cm hip line will please. There is one area that you may need to consider… Scarlet is not light on her feet. Those draw dropping stats and thicc features come at a cost of 42.8kg. So, whilst she is easy to enjoy she may not be easy to carry or maneuverer. Below are a couple pictures for those more visual creatures among us.

Blog Image | Irontech Elf Sex Doll


Love Dolls have been growing at an unbelievable rate which is great for all of us fans. With this growth has come advancements in the quality and in the ranges offered. Fantasy Sex Dolls have been the fastest growing segment with people seeking a chance to be more. The above doll is an Elf which is easily the most popular. However, we do offer Anime style dolls, movie-based dolls and vampires. This area is one we want to keep expanding. Next Level Loves do not compromise on quality so we only stock dolls created by top manufacturers.

It is easy to see why Elf Sex Doll are so popular commonly fetishized in blockbuster movies such as lord of the rings. Arwyn, Eowyn and Legolas make it hard not to enjoy the elvish form.  They are of course a huge feature in most card/board game collectables. Hopefully, this popularity will keep growing into the future.

We think Scarlet is beyond amazing but if you want to see some other options, we have you covered. Check out the full range of Fantasy Sex Dolls. The range includes Irontech, Wm Dolls SEDOLL and many other top-notch options.

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