Sex Dolls Legal?

Is owning a Sex Dolls Legal?

The short answer is yes!

However, there are a handful of countries where Sex Doll ownership is banned usually due to religious reasons or obscure government rulings. If you are feeling uneasy you can always contact our team, email is best. We will then do all the leg work to make sure everything is above board. We like to take the stress out of it, meaning all you must do is find the love doll you want and wait in anticipation for delivery.

I am sure you have all heard horror stories on social media or from friends of sick people purchasing Sex Dolls that resemble minors. This form of Sex Doll ownership is fast becoming illegal Globally and rightfully so. At Next Level Loves we ensure all our products have adult features and match minimum height standards. We do this for your safety as our client but also for moral reasons. We believe in sexual freedom however we do not promote abusive or illegal acts. Any of the dolls your purchase from us will be safe for customs clearance.

We often get asked about replica dolls, Next Level Loves offer customizable features allowing you to create a match for that celebrity crush or fantasy character. The best place to start looking would be the fantasy sex doll page however we steer clear of exact replicas to ensure no infringements on copyright or consent.  

What about in my home?

Inside your property you can generally do as you please. Like any sexual encounter there are limitations but let your fantasy run wild. The range of dolls we offer are all from leading manufactures, so they not only appear Human like they are also safe to use and have been tested to ensure client satisfaction and safety. Remember whatever sex act you can do legally with another adult you will be able to do with your sex doll.

 Unfortunately, there is no Simple rule for what makes a Sex Doll Legal or Illegal, however if you purchase from Next Level Loves it means your product has already been screened and will be a safe choice.

Our team handle the shipping and customs aspect on your behalf, making the entire process streamline. No phone calls from customs and no additional costs for clearance.

Vendor Location?

We are based in Australia and service a Global client base, some of our past customers have been concerned wondering if this will bring another level of complication. The truth is it does not, we know the rules and we handle the process professionally. Remember all vendors will be getting the Sex Dolls from the same manufactures much like the purchase of a Sony TV no matter where you get it from the TV is still manufacturer by SONY in their factory not by your vendor. Again, any questions on this feel free to email our team.


We hope this has been helpful, you know it’s safe now so go and search our website and find the right lady/man for you!


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