Male Sex Dolls

At Next Level Loves, we know that male sex dolls are a fast-growing portion of the sex doll industry currently accounting for approximately 10% of overall sales.

They appeal to a wide variety of enthusiasts including gay or bi-sexual males, couples looking to explore threesome fantasy with another man and women in need of a sex doll companion. All our realistic male sex dolls are made of the highest quality medical grade TPE with metal skeletons, which give them a human-like feel. There are even options to add in full body heating and 4 places voice sensors. We know our male sex dolls will allow you fulfill your wildest fantasy! 

Selection of Realistic Male Sex Dolls

Are you looking for a male love doll or a male sex doll for women? Well look no further, we have sex dolls are designed to provide sexual pleasure and companionship to both men and women.

Whether you want a soft and gentle male love doll to be the sub to your dom or if you’re looking for more of a handsome, muscular & rugged sex doll to satisfy your ever need, we have something for you. And don’t worry, all our men can give and receive!

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Gay Sex Dolls

We stock only the most handsome and sexiest gay male sex dolls, ranging from short (140cm) to tall(180cm) with differing attributes including enviable muscular features, large penis sizes and striking facial structures. All our gay sex dolls are fully capable of oral & anal sex, and they come with hard penises…ready and waiting for action!

As we all know, size matters! And with these sexy manly sex dolls you’ll not need to worry, with a minimum penis size of 18cm – these boys will be able to satisfy any hole that needs to be filled.

Dolls For Women

Sex dolls aren’t just for men, why should they have all the fun! Many women around the world are seeking the companionship and sexual relationship of male sex dolls.

Let’s face it life is busy and conventional relationships are hard to maintain with loyalty becoming constantly questionable. The great part of a male love doll is that you can create a connection as real as any other relationship. Sex dolls for women allow you have the intimacy without the risk and potential heartache. Plus, with these male sex doll for women you’ll be able to hand-pick all your favourite feature! Blue eyes – tick. Blonde hair – tick. Hot ribbed body – tick. Perfect! 

Shop Our Male Range Today!

Shop our selection of sexy male love dolls now or browse our wider range of our sex dolls options!

All our gay sex dolls and sex dolls for women come with free shipping and no tariff costs; our team handles everything for you! All that is left to do is chose your male love doll companion.

If you have any feedback in relation to the male dolls we offer or you would like to see a particular style added to the collection, please feel free to contact us!

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