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Maximising the Lifecycle of Your Sex Doll

Have you just bought your very own sex doll? Congratulations on making a purchase that is sure to bring you happiness and companionship. Before you and your new partner begin your time together, it is important to be aware of the following essential sex doll care tips. Maximising the lifecycle of your sex doll should be your number one priority to ensure your new love doll stays in the best possible condition for as long as possible.

This blog will explore the habits and behaviours that can damage and potentially reduce the lifespan of your sex doll. It is important to highlight these factors so you can avoid them, and we will also look at product care tips for your new companion.

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Sex Doll Care Tips

Don’t Leave Your Doll Standing for Too Long

While it can be tempting to have your realistic female sex doll always standing at attention, this results in there being constant pressure on the joints which can cause damage to the knees. Having your doll standing also creates the risk of your doll being knocked over and suffering fall damage. One of the best ways of maximising the lifecycle of your sex doll is to keep it in a sitting position for extended periods. Keep your doll comfortable by having them sit on the couch or lying in bed waiting for you to get home.

Always Use Lubricant

Lubricant can be a fun and slippery way to spice up your sexual activity, and the same goes for when you want some quality time with one of our silicone sex dolls. In fact, it is highly recommended to always use lubricant during sexual activity with your doll to avoid damaging your new partner’s interior. Be sure to only use water-based lubricant, however, as silicone based, or oil-based lubricant can damage the skin of your doll.

Wash Your Doll’s Clothes

It can be fun to dress your new companion up, making your cosplay fantasies come true. Before you put new clothes on your doll, however, it is important to wash the clothes multiple times to wash off any excess dye they may still contain. This is one of the most neglected rules of maximising the lifecycle of your sex doll, as picking a new cute outfit for each day is part of the fun. It is equally important to not keep your doll in the same clothes for extended periods as the dye can seep into the doll’s skin and stain it. We’re sure regularly taking your doll’s clothes off won’t be an issue, however.

Avoid Playing on Rough Surfaces

Our sex dolls are designed to resemble humans as much as possible, with their TPE skin built to feel like the real thing. Skin is fragile though, so an important way of maximising the lifecycle of your sex doll is to only engage in sexual activity in soft, comfortable places. A bed is recommended, but couches and other chairs will also suffice. Since your doll has been created to resemble a human lover, it is important to treat them how you would a real-life partner, so they remain safe and comfortable while you’re rolling around together.

Keep Your Doll in a Comfortable Place

When you need some alone time from your doll or have guests over that may react awkwardly to your new house guest, it is important to place your doll in a comfortable position. The box your doll came in is recommended for storage, as long as it is not kept in there for longer than a month. It is also important to keep your doll in a flat, outstretched position without the limbs being bent, to avoid damaging the joints. Leaving them laying in your bed is the best solution, but we understand that may not be the best option for your living arrangements.

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