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Top 6 Most Useful Sex Doll Accessories

The best thing about owning a sex doll is being able to completely customise it whenever you want. It’s not a matter of getting tired of how your companion looks, it’s more so about being adventurous, saving money, and keeping the sex life between you both interesting and fun. There are a number of the most useful sex doll accessories on the market, and if you’re new to investing in extra’s, it’s good to know where to start.

In this blog, we’re going to be listing off some of the best extras that you can invest in for your doll. These are some add-ons that you can keep at home, to make life easier, convenient, and interesting when you need it the most. Keep reading below for your guide to the top sex doll accessories.

Sex Doll Extras You Need to Buy

Stain Remover

Investing in a sex doll means it’s important to start keeping handy cleaning products at home for the upkeep. Maintenance is imperative for the longevity, durability, and hygiene of your love doll – one of the top being stain remover. If you’re careful with your doll, you won’t be needing a stain remover much, but it’s better to have it on hand should the time ever come where you do. For example, a dark shirt rubs off on its skin and now you have to find a way to get it off. Using general cleaning products will do nothing but damage the surface of your dolls skin. Ordering a dedicated stain remover will be a saving grace.

Sex Doll Parts (Add-Ons)

Having the opportunity to customise your doll is a luxury, and with a number of online avenues available, you have a wealth of options at your fingertips to bask in you every fantasy. Instead of buying multiple dolls, you now have the opportunity to put that money towards add-ons. For example, if you’re wanting to change your love dolls head and give her a bit of a makeover, with the right doll that allows it, you can! It even goes as far as swapping out your love dolls vagina for a different model which allows inserts.

Wigs, Makeup, Clothing

When it comes to customisations, the best thing is that you have complete freedom of choice. From the colour of your love dolls hair to the clothes they wear, you’re able to make up whatever decision you want around how she is portrayed. Although there are stores out there that specialise in wigs for sex dolls, you can actually choose from a range of synthetic or real hair from anywhere. You can also find sex doll specific makeup that won’t damage their skin – but just make sure you’re doing research first to ensure you’re getting the right products.

Warming Wand

Another one of the most useful sex doll accessories that you really should buy is a warming wand. To make your sexual experience more realistic (or even just your experience with your doll in general), this is the item you want. Whether you’re sleeping alongside your companion on a cold winters night, or you just want to feel the warmth of a woman without the added commitment, a warming wand will really make your dreams come true. The most important thing here is to not try to make a warming wand on your own, or even use something else as a substitute – just invest in the actual tool and all will be well and good!

Renewal Powder

Remember, it’s good to bathe your doll to ensure they are always clean, though afterwards it’s also in good measure to use some talcum powder or a renewal powder on their freshly cleaned skin. The reason it’s encouraged is because it’s going to keep your love dolls skin silky smooth, supple, and without tackiness (ultra-comfort when you’re getting steamy or cuddly). One of the other most useful sex doll accessories are also spray applicators for added convenience and ensures you get more of the dolls body covered.

Storage Racks & Bags

If you prefer to store your doll away between each use, it’s encouraged that you use a specially designed bag to hang them up to avoid creases or impressions in the skin. The best part? Storage racks and bags are offered at a reasonable price. Another tip to keep in mind is that your doll should always be stored naked as this makes sure no stains are left on the skin – it’s head should also be removed and sat on its own; all to ensure everything is kept in shape, lasts longer, and doesn’t inflict any damage.

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