Asian Robotic Sex Doll

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Asian Robotic Sex Doll – Ideal Companion

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The Next Level Loves robotic companions are cutting edge with a long list of features as shown below. There are videos on display as well on our main Robotic Sex Dolls page. These dolls allow you to create a personality and feel the unique bond that comes with an interactive partner.

  • Infrared Sensor
  • Facial Expressions – winks, blinks, moves eyes, and can smile
  • Can have a conversation and responds to you entering the room
  • Deep learning capabilities can program your sex doll to learn from key topics
  • Ability to move the head
  • Functional vagina, breasts, mouth, and anus
  • High-Quality durable materials so your partner can be with you for life if looked after
  • We will work with you via email to ensure the correct doll face, hair type eyes, and body are chosen

All Next Level Loves companions come with a cleaning kit, wig, choice of eye color, pubic hair options, standing feet/standard feet, instructions, and bonus erotic underwear set.



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