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Accessorizing your love doll is a great way to add personality and character to your companion. Even better, you get free reign of deciding what the doll wears, how they look, and what you get out of the experience every time. Customizing your doll keeps things exciting, builds a connection, and strengthens the bond between you both. Not to mention, they can be dressed as any character you want if you’re a big cosplay fan.

Whether you’ve got a specific kink, sexual fantasy or you simply want to try something new, our guide to sex doll accessories will help you find the right items to enhance the experience for you and your love doll.

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Sex Doll Clothing

It’s important to remember that clothing sizes for sex dolls differ from that of real clothing sizes. Make sure you’ve measured the band size, bust size, cup size, waist, hips, and height to get the best out of your love doll clothing purchases. Check these measurements against the dimensions of conventional clothing sizes i.e size 8,10,12 to get a strong idea of what will work for your love doll partner. You can find many size guides online that will help. For example

Need To Know: Dark & Vibrant Clothing

If you’re new to the world of love dolls, or you’re venturing out into the world of sex doll clothing, one thing you need to know is that dark and black clothing items leave stains on your love doll’s skin. Make sure to always prewash any dark and black clothing items to avoid rubbing and staining, and especially, avoid your sex doll wearing wet clothing or clothing for prolonged periods of time.

Clothing with dark or vibrant colored dye is more of a culprit than others, and TPE sex dolls are more susceptible to staining. It’s recommended that your love doll wears white or light-coloured clothing with soft material, as porous fabrics stain the doll’s skin a lot easier.

Need To Know: Hair Colour & Hair Styles

Thanks to the diversity of the wig industry, customising your sex doll’s hair colour or hairstyle has never been easier. While changing the way your love doll dresses, from clothing to lingerie, investing in a couple of different wigs can keep things exciting. Most sex doll manufacturers will allow you to customise your doll’s hair upon purchase, allowing you to buy wigs that compliment your love doll’s eyes, that are specific to your cosplay fantasies, or that complement your roleplaying activities.

Investing in new wigs isn’t a difficult process as most wig manufacturers produce wigs that cater specifically to the sex doll industry. Customizing your lover to your specific needs and desires has never been an easier, more exciting experience.

Need To Know: Brassiere Sizing

If you’re splurging on some lingerie for your love doll, there are three main points to measure to make sure you’re getting the right size for the doll’s brassiere. 

The area just below the bust is called the ‘band’ size. To measure, you simply use a measuring tape and if the measurement comes to an even number, add four, if it’s odd, add five. For the ‘bust’, you measure the entire roundness of the breast, right on par with the level of the nipples. To get your answer, round up the digit that is corresponding to the tape.

cup’ sizing is one of the most popular ways for people to purchase lingerie. To measure, subtract the measurement of the bust size from the band size and you’ll have your love doll’s cup size.

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Sex Doll Toys

Much like a real partner, the last thing we want is to damage or hurt our love doll companions. This is extremely imperative when it comes to sex toys and how they can be used on sex dolls. When it comes to these kinds of sex doll accessories, there are certain materials, ingredients, and ways of play that need to be known so that wear and tear can be avoided at all costs.

Lube: Do’s & Don’ts

First and foremost, water-based lube should be the only type of lube that you use with your sex doll. Not only is it the most common type of lube to use for sex dolls, but it’s also the best kind of lube to use when engaging in real sex as well. Water-based lube doesn’t damage TPE sex dolls, and if you find it dried at any point (during a particularly long session, or you come across a dried spot) it’s easily able to reactivate by adding more water to it.

Sex Toys for Sex Dolls

When it comes to using toys for extra fun with your love doll, you need to make sure you aren’t overdoing the usage. Keep in mind that excessive use of sex toys can cause friction and, in turn, damage the material of your sex doll’s skin. This can also happen when engaging in restraint play, however, the risks are higher due to the restriction on the sex doll’s skin. Make sure the restraints aren’t too tight to avoid cutting or tearing into the material.

What To Know More About Sex Doll Accessories?

If you enjoyed learning more about the world of sex dolls, browse the Next Level Love female sex dolls range to find your perfect companion. For general questions or queries regarding sex doll clothing and accessories, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.
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