Sex Doll Advancements

Sex Doll Advancments

Before you start reading, we have some disappointing news, there are no high-functioning Sex Robots coming in 2021. No immersive A. I models, and no Blade Runner-inspired Hologram partners. However, it is not all bad with plenty of Sex Doll Advancements on the horizon.

The Sex Doll industry is growing in both societal awareness and overall popularity. Many social influencers now proudly post pictures with their love dolls and often prominent tabloids will be running stories on our community.  Just look at our boy Yurrii on social media leading the way, just type in bodybuilder and sex doll can’t miss him.

The world around us is rapidly becoming more tech-dependent. The need for companionship and gratification has led countless people to start exploring different fulfillment avenues. Our industry has benefited from the world’s changes immensely. The team here at Next Level Loves is thrilled with this!

So, what is coming up next in 2021, what technology changes and sex doll advancements are around the corner? We see the year ahead bringing further advancements in Skeleton Structure particularly the hands/feet, material, and manufacturer competition.

Sex Doll Advancements - Skeleton

Recently we have seen several advancements in this area with the addition of shrugging shoulders. Lightweight metals and more care are being put into the joints. However, Sex Doll fans are still having to put up with annoying wire-based fingers and feet that can’t support the doll standing never mind in let’s call it vigorous use😉. A few manufacturers have moved towards a solid foot option, creating a more aesthetically pleasing finish and robust internal materials. These are able to carry more weight. We have also seen some massive leaps in ‘finger bones’ this is something we see improving through 2021. We have been informed this is a huge focus area, so no more hiding your doll’s hands in gloves or fearing breaking them.


Sex Doll Advancements - Materials

Materials are a constant focal point so not exclusive to 2021 but as always the materials being used will continue to improve. 2020 brought us softer options in both TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls. Not to mention GEL BREASTS which have been one of the year’s standouts. We predict this trend will keep improving with further advancements in low-maintenance blends and realism. This will go hand in hand with the improved skeleton structures mentioned above.

Angela- Silicone Sex Doll

Market Competition

This is a big one, with more and more manufacturers creating their own ranges competition will continue to rise. This is great for doll purchasers, not so great for verified vendors like Next Level Loves who want to keep tight quality control.

The increased competition will continue to drive price changes and will bring new styles to the market. Our team has tipped more Anime and Monster themed dolls being available before the end of the year.  This will bring some interesting new models and a wider audience appeal.

We did say there will be no high functioning Sex Robots this year but that is not to say further advancements in this area aren’t going on. We just don’t believe it will be perfected over the next 12 months. On a side, note our team does believe we will see more involvement of VR and physical dolls. We have been informed that all major brands are working on doll realism through breathing additions self-heating etc. Another area set to improve is cleaning products with WM’s new release already shaking up this sector.

There you have it, no more wire-based hands, more realistic and easier to maintain materials, and a huge step up in a variety. 2021 is going to be an exciting year for Sex Doll Advancements and we will keep you posted on any big changes. If you need help choosing the right doll check out our range of Female Sex Dolls or Male Sex Dolls depending on your interest.

If you enjoyed reading about the new sex doll advancement, then browse our range of realistic sex dolls. Our girls will amp up your sexual experience like never before. For general queries and information about our Next Level Loves product, contact us online today!

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