Sex Doll Care

Sex Doll Care

Sex Dolls need a lot of ongoing love and attention, the plus side is unlike a conventional partner this does not mean endless emotional support and couple activities, taking care of your doll only requires a simple regular maintenance regime.

Below you will find the steps needed for cleaning, washing and for base skeleton care. If you would like more detail on caring for the wig you can find it on our wig care page.

Items you will need:

  • Baby Oil or a Mineral Oil
  • Baby Powder or Corn-starch
  • Vaseline (does not need to be brand named cheaper alternatives are fine
  • Pure Soap
  • Disinfectant Soap
  • Enema or Vaginal Irrigator  
  • Clean white towel and microfiber cloth
  • Standing feet owners will need plastic bags and rubber bands to ensure water does not enter the skeleton

Optional Speculum to spread body cavities for easy cleaning, tampons or vaginal cleaning tools (cloth on a stick).

Washing your doll

Washing regularly especially after contact with body fluids is vital, this can be done in either a shower or bathtub we advise separating the head and washing separately if possible. Use a warm water stream to ensure you do not overheat the TPE, wash using a white face cloth or microfibre cloth and a pure soap over the general body. For the more intimate areas we recommend a disinfectant soap to ensure strong hygiene.  You can also use a vaginal Irrigator to reach all areas. Unlike in the bedroom there is no need to be rough when cleaning a general soft touch will be sufficed.

Lay your doll on a sealed surface in a white towel to ensure no staining whilst drying.


The purpose of oiling is to keep the TPE at its best, I am sure you want your Sex Doll to last for years and keep those stunning good looks for as long as possible. Using a non-fragrant Baby oil or mineral oil regularly will replace the evaporated oils. Think of it as an intimate massage, after you have oiled and she/he has soaked in all that nourishment there will be a residual tacky feel, but that’s ok and leads us to the next step.


Adding powder regularly will keep the skin feeling silky, smelling fresh and removes the tacky feel left over from the oiling stage. It is also great for the removal of excess moisture after a wash for example. We recommend a Baby Powder or Corn starch as they are non-abrasive.


Vaseline is great for intensive care for heavily used areas. This predominately means intimate areas and joints. This step does not need to be as frequent but will ensure minimal strain. To be aware it takes a lot longer to seep in then oil so prepare to let your doll rest

 Skeleton Care

Manufacturers have seriously improved their Skeleton Frames over the past few years, this is great news not only for the overall feel and enjoyment you will receive from the companion but also for ongoing care and durability.

The biggest factors when looking at skeleton care are the hinges and the wire finger components.


Weight adds pressure on the love doll hinges and will over time create issues and strain. Proper storage is the best way to avoid this strain and ensure you do not come home to piece of metal having torn through your expensive doll. We recommend storing your doll lying flat, the most cost effective and safest material to lay your doll on is memory foam (at least 3 inches thick) this will help keep shape and ensure no creases appear over time. If you do have standing feet you can store your doll vertically but not for extended periods and not if they are an exceptionally heavy version. If standing vertically make sure you utilize memory foam to slightly lean the bum against a wall to keep your doll vertical (we do not want them falling over). The memory foam will ensure no direct contact with the wall.

Wire Components

If your doll has wire components, we recommend covering these whilst storing and using if possible, to avoid breaking. We would also recommend you do not move these unless necessary as they will be more fragile than the remainder of the skeleton.

This guide gives a strong Sex Doll Care overview, if you do have any questions our team is always happy to help, you can contact us via email –, no questions is viewed as silly we are here to help you get the most out of our products.

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