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Sex Doll Hand Skeletons

Love doll enthusiasts have been waiting for this day for a very long time and the team at Next Level Loves are no exception.  Sex Doll Hand Skeletons are the most impressive improvement we have seen in 2021. With major manufacturers starting to offer hand skeletons as a customizable option. WM Dolls and Irontech are the first to release their versions and both have blown us away. 

For a long time, the hands have been a real problem for owners. Traditionally made from wires they are extremely fragile. Often these wires would damage the skin materials causing permanent damage. Lets face it wires poking out of your partners skin is a real mood killer and can be dangerous! Beyond the appearance the wire hands were also hard to manipulate into position. This added to issues with realism and for hand fetish fans it was a real let down. Some of our clients cover their ladies and gents hands with gloves to diminish chance of damage. 

Below you will see examples of both WM’s new Sex Doll Hand Skeleton and Irontechs offering. Both look very impressive and the team at Next Level Loves are proud to be offering these to our clients.

Example Sex Doll Hand Skeletons

Irontech Sex Doll Hand Skeleton


                                                                                                                                          (Irontech Hand Skeleton)

These improvements on doll skeletons are important on multiple levels as it not only will enhances the look and experience. It also shows that manufacturers are listening to consumers and working on positive industry changes.  We predict a big shift is around the corner, with more and more manufactures showcasing their developments in this area.

The manufactures are constantly working on all elements of production to ensure customer satisfaction. These hand skeletons are no exception our team expect to see many variants and improvements to come over the remaining part of 2021 and into the future. 

In saying this the first offerings are impressive, with ball joints at the wrists and malleable yet strong finger joints. This will allow for improved overall function. Photography is a hobby for many sex doll owners. The new Sex Doll Hand Skeletons will allow for more posing options. We also see this being a huge positive for hand fetish fans or clients looking to get creative in the bedroom.

This year has been an exciting year for the industry so far, if you check out our previous blog on Sex Doll Advancements you will see what other future advancements we predict.are

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