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Sex Doll Mistakes & Considerations to Get the Most Out of Your Sex Doll

Whether you’re planning to invest in your first ever love doll, or you’ve recently made a purchase and want to know how you can get the most of it, this blog is for you. There are plenty of sex doll mistakes that people make when buying and owning a companion, and many considerations they don’t keep in mind that are experienced when it’s too late. With the right research and knowledge, it’s easier to avoid these things and make your experience a lot easier, and smooth sailing. Sex dolls are not a cheap investment, and you’re going to want it to last as long as possible, which is why we encourage that you get to know as much about the world of faux-companions as possible.

This blog is to be used as a guide for when the time comes to make the purchase on your love doll, or to keep in mind when caring, cleaning, and maintaining them. Love dolls aren’t all about just one thing, much like people, they require tender love and care. For a looking to most important sex doll considerations, keep reading below.

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A Guide to Sex Doll Considerations

Avoid Extra Heavy Love Dolls

One of the most common sex doll mistakes is failing to realise just how heavy dolls can really be, and when you’re customising or find the doll of your dreams, you may be too love-struck to remember. Dolls with heavier assets mean heavier weight, so before you make a purchase, ensure the sex dolls general weight is not surpassing that of your own. Why? Because this will make it difficult for you to move, carry and adjust the doll, let alone engage in physical activities, with optimal comfort and ease.

Specific Lubricants & Other Products

Another consideration that a lot of people forget to adopt is knowing the correct type of lubricant to use with their doll. Because love dolls are generally made out of silicone, it’s imperative that you only use a water-based lube. Other lubricants you should otherwise stay away from include latex lubes and oils. These aren’t the only things you need to be aware of with your doll. Things such as dark clothing and denim, latex, and even fake leather have a long-standing habit of staining the silicone skin of love dolls – more often in situations where they are exposed to heat. By practising to keep these things away from your new doll, you’ll get into the subconscious habit of ensuring they don’t come into contact and your companion stays perfectly intact at all times.

Always be Conscious of the Material

Majority of sex dolls nowadays are made of silicone, which means when it comes to maintaining and cleaning your doll, you need to use the right products. To fully remove any bacteria that may be present, ensure that you’re using a silicone-friendly and preferably fragrant free solution – remember, even when your doll isn’t being used, it’s good to regularly keep them clean. These dolls, majority of the time, are made from silicone, which means regular upkeep will maintain their longevity and keep you satisfied for longer.

Dolls are Not Always 100% How They Look Online

It’s no secret that love dolls are dressed up and pampered to the nines when it comes to advertising online. One of the final sex doll considerations to always remember is that they won’t look exactly how they are advertised on a website. Makeup is used, specific cameras and angels, lighting, clothing, and even posing. This isn’t to say you won’t receive a beautiful love doll in the mail, it will be the doll you wanted – it just isn’t going to look like a spitting image of the distributors advertisement.

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