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Sex Doll Myths Busted

The world surrounding sex dolls can seem very obscure to some, and it’s no secret that there is an abundance of myths that have been passed around for many years towards those who choose to invest. Owning a love doll shouldn’t define the type of person that someone is, after all, our love lives and sex lives are generally kept private between ourselves and our partners. There are many reasons why people choose to invest their money into a love doll, and majority of the time it isn’t for any negative reason.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing some of the most common sex doll myths and whether they’re predominantly true or false. Breaking down the barriers of owning a love doll is important to the adult industry, and at Next Level Loves, it’s our mission to educate people where we can.

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Common Sex Doll Myths and Their Truths

They are Only Meant for Sexual Gratification

One of the greatest things about love dolls is that they aren’t specifically used for sexual gratification. Although this is a major selling point, and reason for the investment, they also serve additional purposes to their owner. Sex dolls are also commonly used as artificial love partners, along with social companions, and even more recently, photography models.

There are Only Female Sex Dolls

As the world continues to progress, the sex doll industry moves with it. There’s always been a myth that sex dolls are strictly female and made specifically for the desires of men. However, this most certainly isn’t the case. There are a wide variety of male sex dolls, and even transgender sex dolls on the market, with the opportunity for buyers to customise their dolls to suit their preferences.

They are Only Used by Men

Sex dolls are used by a wide range of people. Although they started out as a way for men to release, they’ve come a long way. With the ability to customise your love doll, and with manufacturers focusing on designing tolls to cater to a wide range of people, it’s no secret anymore that anyone can invest in and use a sex doll of their choice.

They are Only Used by Single People

This myth is exactly that, a myth. A lot of couples and polyamorous relationships indulge in the use of sex dolls together, spicing up relationships and intimate activities together as a way of exploration and sexual adventure. Thanks to their ability to improve sex drive and gratification, they’re a great alternative to the general sex toys that you may use together in the bedroom.

Sex Dolls can Become an Addiction

You may have heard at least once in your life about sex doll owners who have become obsessed with their doll. It’s true that owners can become so fixated on their dolls that they end up preferring them to a real person. Designers and manufacturers do such an extensive job in making love dolls look life-like, making it difficult for owners to part with their doll and interact with real people when they have a companion at home that provides everything they need.

It Will Make Men See Women as Objects

This myth is anything but the truth, moreover, men treat these objects as women. It’s noted that those who have invested and actively engage with love dolls imagine personalities to match, along with healthy relationships as if they were a real counterpart. Because of this, owners are known to bathe their dolls, style their hair, clothe them, and even apply makeup and accessories to create the partner they desire.

There is Something Inadequate About Sex Doll Owners

For a long time, it’s always been believed that those who own a sex doll surely have something wrong with them. This isn’t necessarily the case. A lot of sex doll owners tend to describe themselves as vulnerable, with confirmation that majority are introverted, private, and part of a community of like-minded people where they feel they belong. There is nothing wrong or inadequate about those who own sex dolls, moreover, they just want to get by with as little judgement as possible.

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