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Sex Doll Pubic Hair Choices

In the realm of intimate companionship and adult-oriented collectibles, the concept of love dolls has progressed significantly over recent years. Today, these lifelike creations offer a wide array of customisable features, providing people with the opportunity to tailor their experiences to their unique preferences and desires. One specific aspect of personalisation that continues to gain attention is the sex doll pubic hair choices for these dolls.

Much like personal grooming and styling in our every day lives, selecting the right public hair option for your love doll could be considered a deeply personal decision one would make. This such choice allows individuals to add a unique touch to their doll, creating a more authentic and tailored experience and finish.

Sex Doll Pubic Hair Choices: They Matter

Types of Pubic Hair: Our Dolls

At Next Level Loves, we offer a customisation feature for our purchasers. If you’re interested in our Irontech Custom Sex Dolls or our WM Custom Doll range, you will find the opportunity to select your preferred choice of pubic hair from a select few. This means, when you select your doll, it will come with pubic hair pre-adhered.

Alternatively, if you want to take some time to think about the pubic hair of choice, or you’re wanting to purchase a few options to keep aside should you ever want to change/fix your dolls pubic region, there are a number of lace solutions online for affordable prices: with, and without adhesive.

Pubic Hair Material

A lot of the pubic hair selections available on the market are created using soft lace. For the most part, it is non-human hair that are single knotted onto a lace backing that can then be adhered to the surface of your love doll.

Careful Steps to Consider

This is essentially a similar concept to lace frontal wigs – where people trim the excess lace from the outer edges, position their sex doll pubic hair choices, and then use a safe adhesive to adhere where required. What you need to take into consideration is carefully cleaning the surface of your sex doll, so no debris, dirt, dust, or anything of the sort gets stuck under the glue and prevents it from a durable hold. If you don’t own a quality sex toy cleaning product, warm water and a mild soap will do the trick.

Make sure you are using a cloth that isn’t harsh against your dolls skin, and gently wipe the area until you are satisfied. Before applying your choice of pubic hair, make sure the area is dry – add the adhesive to the lace backing, and gently apply it to your sex doll.

Note: Do not use your doll immediately. The lace and adhesive needs time to bind properly with your sex doll. Leave the doll to rest for around 2 hours, and make sure you check the pubic hair patch before use.

Invest in Quality with Next Level Loves

It’s hard to come by quality love dolls that equally provide quality sex doll pubic hair choices – that’s what Next Level Loves is here for. Our life size sex doll collection offer some of the highest quality in the industry, with some of our range even coming with the option to select your desired pubic hair. Came here for something different? Browse our lustrous female sex dolls for sale, or our ever growing realistic male sex doll collection.For any questions, or for more information on what we have to offer, contact us online! We’re here to help.

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