Sex Doll Wigs – The Helpful Guide

Sex Doll Wigs – The Helpful Guide

Like all things inside the Sex Dolls Industry, there is an art to getting your Sex Dolls hair just right. The good news is your team at Next Level Loves is here to help. Below you will find an explanation of our three recommended methods and a useful general rules section. We have also added a section on Wig Care.

Once you know how to place the wig it’s time to find the right doll check out our Female Sex Dolls.

The three main methods for wig placement are direct placement (the most obvious), cap placement, and cap placement with Velcro.

Direct Placement

As the name suggests this is placing the wig directly onto your doll all high-grade wigs from manufacturers will fit nicely and should stay in place through most activities. This is an easy method and does not involve much further explanation. However, it will not work for custom wigs, only for those given with your Sex Doll or bought to fit.

Wig Cap Placement

This method involves a few more steps but nothing too tricky. It is the preferred method for most seasoned or serious doll owners. The idea is to get a more natural look and no movement due to the added security of a cap. The method involves, placing the wig cap on your doll, then placing the wig on top, then you use 4-6 bobby pins to secure the wig in place. This method is used by most wig-wearing ladies.

Wig Cap with Velcro Placement

This option is similar to the above, well in all honesty it’s the same apart from one step. Instead of adding bobby pins you ad small adhesive Velcro straps. Placement is important for these, carefully attach 4 straps under the wig and on the wig cap. This option is not as seamless but does have the advantage of speed, making it very easy to change wigs or take the wig off without fuss.  If using this method ensure the adhesive is carefully placed on Wig Cap and not on the dolls scalp.

Wig Cap
Bobby Pins

General Rules

General Rules, below you will find a list of rules that you need to follow to ensure the longevity of your sex doll without impact from the wig.

  1. Avoid Dark Coloured Cap– we have mentioned this rule before with clothing and it runs true for the wig cap as well. Avoid dark colors as they can cause staining on your sex doll’s skull.
  2. Adhesives and Glues – this one should be another obvious, well we all know our love doll partners are durable but do have limits similar to our own skin, placing adhesives and glues on the can and probably will create irreversible damage.
  3. Wig Cap Tightness – You want a cozy fit to ensure the wig stays in place but avoid using to small a size as it will cause imprinting on your partner’s head. This can also cause further staining of colors as well due to rubbing or just sheerness of contact. Remember snug fit not strangling fit.


Wig Care

A sex doll’s wig needs care much like your own, the biggest difference is you can remove the wig. We advise removing the wig before brushing or washing.

Brushing your love dolls wig steps

  • Remove the wig
  • Gently dampen the hair with water ( spray bottle is best)
  • Brush and let dry naturally

Washing the Sex Doll Wig

  • Remove the wig
  • Soak in lukewarm water submerge the wig but do not move it around excessively to avoid tangling
  • Add a small amount of shampoo
  • Wash like you would standard hair
  • Remove the wig
  • Rinse the wig and gently squeeze after to remove excess water
  • Place a clean hand towel or cloth on the work station, place the wig in the towel and gently dab dry to remove access water
  • Brush the wig, as before this ensures no knots and a sleek fresh finish
  • Leave to dry, hang out if possible and give final brush once finished to ensure no knots

We always recommend using manufacturer wigs as they fit best and are designed for sex doll use, however below is a shortlist of another suppliers we trust to provide a high-quality wig. There are others out there when searching on google always look for repeatable companies that have strong return policies just as a safety net and plenty of positive customer reviews.

Owning a Sex Doll is all about care, think of it as a partner who needs a little extra upkeep. Hopefully, you found the above guide helpful, if you have any questions or would like to discuss your next purchase please feel free to contact our team on Contact Us page.

Wig 7

We hope you enjoyed learning about sex dolls wigs, why not browse the Next Level Love female sex dolls range to find your perfect companion. For general questions or queries regarding sex doll wigs, clothing and accessories, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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