Sex Dolls in the Adult Industry

Sex Dolls in the Adult Industry

The sex industry is an ever-evolving and growing industry, currently worth over 20 billion dollars and set to soar to 30 billion by 2021.

What does this mean for you as a sex doll enthusiast?

Well, it is a positive advancement not only does it mean more variety and continued competitive pricing but it means a shift in public perception.

Already people are starting to open their minds to the Sex Doll world and in doing so are validating the strong relationships you have with your TPE Companion or Silicone Sex Doll. This will only continue to improve.

The constant growth in popularity will also breed further advancements in the Sex Doll industry. This will bring advancements in robotic companions, materials used, and over the image of sex dolls.

Sex Dolls are now part of the Brothel scene as well with many establishments claiming the Dolls are more popular than the women available. With good reason we say.

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