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Sex Toys for Men

If we went back in time to the early 90’s the terms Fleshlight, Male Masturbator or the open discussion of Sex toys for men would seem very foreign or taboo. However, they are commonplace in the sex industry today. With a plethora of options hitting the market. Rightfully so in our opinion.

Next Level Loves have always been a love doll provider, over the past year we have seen a huge influx of enquiry for smaller cheaper options. Many of our customers looking for a high-quality product without some of the components a full-sized sex doll offers. This new product range will fill this void for customers.

  • Ease – being much smaller in size this range allows our customers ease of use. This is exactly as it sounds. You can use the product whenever the mood strikes. No lengthy timeframe needed for setup or clean up.
  • Lightweight – as may doll owners will know these realistic beauties come with a large amount of weight. Traditionally this is the only way to ensure quality. With high grade skeletons and materials. This range removes the large weight, think high quality pocket size.
  • Discreet – This comes down to the size and weight predominately. This range is smaller in size and easier to conceal. This means you can store your new toy without unwanted attention. It also means when the order is delivered no one will be suspicious.
  • Storage – This has been touched on above, traditional sex dolls are fantastic. Albeit they are large and need storage space. The new range from 6ye eliminate this problem
  • Drawback – the biggest draw back our team can find is the experience is not as immersive or realistic. This is only when compared to a full-sized love doll. The male masturbators are not designed to give that same experience, so this is expected.

Why 6ye Sex Toys for Men?

6ye have been a staple in the Sex Doll industry for a long time. They boast a large collection of full size and torso dolls. Renowned for high quality and the care taken to create a realistic experience. Sex toys for men you need a team that can offer this same level of craftsmanship. They already have high grade materials and innovative designers. The market trusts them and with good reason! The team at Next Level Loves are proud to partner with them on this range.

What does the range of Male Stroker Toys include?

We stock a large range of sex toys and masturbators, this includes Blow Job stokers, vagina, and dual hole toys. The range varies in size and weight with some of the larger hip/ass products being the largest. Weight range is from below 1kg to around 5kg depending on product.

We are sure there is something to match every client, our team are always looking to extend our offering to match your needs. Whether you have an oral, vaginal, ass, foot or body only kink we have the perfect match!

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