Introduction to the Starpery Gear Skeleton

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Starpery is a brand that many would not only recognize but hold in high regard. Since their arrival on the scene, they have been at the forefront of all major industry shifts. That is why our team was not surprised to see the incredible quality offered in the new Starpery Gear Skeleton.

Sex Dolls have always worked off a joint skeletal system and the majority of customers thought this would be the norm for years to come. However, this brand had other plans to replace the ball and socket joints with a durable gear system.  We see this as an amazing piece of innovation with 4 key ways it has improved the product/industry for the better.  Enhanced flexibility, No more loose joints over time, no creaks/squeaks, and the ability to modify into the future. All these improvements spell out a more realistic and enjoyable user experience but do have the practical advantage of also increasing the lifespan or longevity of your realistic sex doll companion.

Benefits of the Starpery Gear Skeleton

Increased flexibility is the first thing that came to mind when our team laid eyes on this marvel. The skeleton is designed with gears replacing the joints in all gear areas. Placed on the high pressure and use zones such as shoulders, elbows, hip, and knees.

No more loose joints for anyone that owns a sex doll you will know how important it is that this has been addressed. Tackling this ongoing issue in their new Starpery Gear Skeleton by incorporating gears. Typically, the joints become loose over time and can cause further issues. There is also the added downside that a floppy joint really ruins the immersive experience. The gears are designed to be a great deal more durable diminishing the chance of joint damage even for the partners who like a bit of rough play wink wink.

The creaking noise some owners will be more familiar with this than others. Unfortunately, the old skeletons can be a bit too tight creating a squeaking or creaking noise. This is sure to kill the mood.

Interestingly Starpery have thought about the longevity of our sex doll companions. This may mean fewer sales for them but shows care. The Starpery Gear Skeleton can be modified to prevent stretching. This again addresses the loose joint issue. Simple changes can be made to ensure the gears stay tight. If you notice any loose joint contact us to get help.

Starpery Gear Skeleton

How do you get your hands on this feature?

The good news first this upgrade is FREE with all dolls. The brand was coined on the culmination of two words Apery and Star. We think this is a fitting namesake. Starpery refers to the innovative steps they take to manipulate industry change. Star refers to the brand’s choice to never settle for mediocre. The mission statement is to always reach for the stars. A motto we take means always be improving and aiming to be the best. I think we can all agree they are one of the most progressive brands.

All of the Starpery Sex Dolls Range now come with the Starpery Gear Skeleton standard. This is just another reason they are a favorite. Making such a large improvement and not charging extra to end consumers. A true show of class and care.

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