The Advantages of a Torso Sex Doll

Sex Dolls come in a variety of sizes and body types. This makes choosing your first lady or gentleman a seemingly impossible task. Well, we may have solved the problem for you! Have you ever considered a torso? The Next Level Loves team has put together some key points below to showcase what this sexy option has to offer.


Life is increasingly demanding on our time and energy. Sex dolls provide a lot more than just a release helping us cope with the ever-changing world. They can bridge a gap in companionship or service in a therapeutic capacity. Helping those with social anxiety or disability. Of course, these pleasure partners are also great for couples exploring new boundaries or men/women looking for a partner. As a result, the industry is booming! and the variety of styles has boomed with it.  Torsos/Body Part Dolls are no exception.  Often the only difference between these products and full-sized dolls is the limbs. All of the major brands are now creating their own torso range meaning the quality of finish is guaranteed. Just check out our full range of Torso Sex Dolls to see for yourself.


Size is the most obvious difference between a Sex Doll and a Torso. However, you may not know the reason it is advantageous to have a smaller-sized companion. Storage is a constant battle for any owner. With full-sized dolls ranging from 140cm-180cm finding a spot to hide them can be hard. Bending the joints to store sometimes creates damage due to long-term stress. Torso’s end this problem ranging from 65cm-95cm. They can be stored in creative ways, inside wardrobes, boxes even inside an ottoman. If you need to be discreet or have limited space this will be a huge plus.


Weight is another big advantage of a Torso/Body Part Doll.  Typically ranging from 15kgs to 25kgs a staggering 50% less than their full-sized counterparts. You may be wondering why weight is so important. Well, the heavier the doll the harder it is to move. This can ruin the mood if you can’t physically lift her/him into position and run out of puff before the fun actually begins. With a torso, you can change up positions and enjoy the moment without struggling. For a first doll, weight can also make the upkeep hard. Storing a doll incorrectly can put pressure on joints, torsos do not have limbs and minimize the risk of damage.  


Money, unfortunately, plays a big part in any purchase. Deciding how much to invest in something. Especially for a first-time purchase is hard.  Torsos give the same look and quality as the full-sized options at a fraction of the cost. The average torso will sit in the range of $600-$1,000 USD in comparison to the $1,600 -$3,000 price tag of a full-sized sex doll.

Hopefully, this makes the decision easier. If you have any other questions, feel free to email our friendly team!
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