WM Full Sex Doll Cleaning Kit

WM Dolls New Cleaning Kit

Next Level Loves are extremely excited about this new WM Doll Cleaning Kit and you will be to! The WM Doll Ultra Sonic Cleaning kit is a revolutionary piece of gear and can be added to any WM Sex Doll Purchase. The device is easy to use, effective and durable.

The Cleaning Kit comes with everything you need and is easy to put together, with a power input cord/connector, water pipes and a data interface which is clearly labelled.

 (Below you will find an informative video)

We have all struggled with cleaning our Sex Dolls in the past and whilst there are a few effective ways already available they are cumbersome. Most people either use a douche to clean out their sex doll or wash in the shower. If you use the WM Doll’s new cleaning kit you will no longer struggle to move your doll without damaging her. No more worry about the mess/effectiveness of your cleaning methods.

This product offers ultra-sonic vibration cleaning, essentially mini vibrations removing any build up or unwanted liquids, the device then drains your Sex Dolls orifice for you. It does also come with a handy disinfectant ultraviolet light option; great way to remove 99.9% of all Bacteria’s this option is also a lot less hassle than soap and water.

Using the Cleaning Kit

Once you have plugged in the power connector, outlet and water pipes you then submerge inlet pipe in water. The advanced cleaning attachment is now ready for use. Simply insert the cleaning jet into your doll’s vagina ensuring the draining pipe faces down.  Once you have set this up all you have to do is use the data interface to pick between different cleaning and drying modes, they are all clearly labelled for your convenience with a index on the machines rear side.

Now you have an easier way to clean your Sex Doll partner you can have a lot more fun without the stress and mess. Enjoy!

A little more info on UV Light as a cleaning tool, UV or Ultraviolet Light is effective against both bacterial and viral pathogens. It scrambles their nuclear code and DNA structure killing the unwanted visitors whilst also stopping them from reproducing through mutation. It is already in use as a cleaning toll for a number of surfaces and items. Warning to all potential operators do not use UV cleaning lights on your skin. This may cause damage. We also do not advise looking directly at UV lights whilst operating. Just use common sense and you should be ok.

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